About us

7D Toys is all about family and having fun!

We came from a family of six children, all boys! We loved to be outgoing and adventurous. Some of our favorite things to do were to play games and use our imaginations, both indoor and out. We loved to build things and engage in friendly competition. Now, as adults with our own families spread across the globe, we encourage that same imaginative play-time with our children. 7dToys.com is an opportunity for our family to be together...we hope it will be the same for you!

We love good products...and we love to share them too!

We love to see our children and grandchildren using their imaginations, unfortunately, many of the toys created today have become so interactive that they have taken away the need for creativity, story-telling, teamwork, and sharing. 7dToys.com is our answer to the need for the toys that promote these great qualities and skills.

We are happy to share these wonderful quality products with you, and know that your children will love them as much as ours have. They engender confidence within children and provide an opportunity for familys to grow closer together.

All Our Best,

The Alix McKenzie Family